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Upon completion of their tutoring program, the majority of students who “can’t do math” or “can’t write tests” realize their potential and open doors to mathematics, sciences and engineering.


  • Students attain substantial improvement in grades, confidence and an increased appreciation for academic courses.
  • Students are equipped with a strong knowledge and foundation in their academic subjects.
  • Students are prepared for higher learning and education.


We recommend the following tutorial plans based on a student's current performance in their subject.

Foundations Tutoring

Suitable for students receiving lower than 70% in the assessment year.
  • 2 hours of lessons/week
  • Sessional progress reports
  • Monthly assessments
  • Study skills training and monitoring

Advanced Skills Tutoring

Suitable for students receiving 70-85% in the assessment year.
  • 1.5 hours of lessons/week
  • Sessional progress reports
  • Monthly assessments
  • Study skills monitoring

University Prep Tutoring

Suitable for students receiving above 85% in the assessment year.
  • 1 hour of lessons/week
  • Pop quizzes
  • Sessional progress reports
  • Chapter assessments


Our Vancouver tutoring approach helps students on their path to higher education. BASIRI tutors create a supportive and fun learning environment while training students to apply the information they learn to showcase their understanding.

Our Vancouver tutoring sessions place a significant emphasis on gaining and retaining a strong knowledge base in preparation for post secondary education. Our tutors use proven strategies to help their students achieve higher success in their academic courses.

BASIRI programs are designed to substantially increase students' output. We welcome you to contact our powerful team of academic experts who will advance your child's academic skills.



Testing is critical to learning. The human brain learns through repetition as well as manipulation and analysis of the learned information. Testing is the best method to ensure content knowledge is learned, and, more importantly, the information can be manipulated and used by the learner.

At BASIRI, our Vancouver tutors administer customized tests to match the needs and learning styles of students, allowing them to effectively practice accessing and using what they learn. Our Vancouver tutoring programs ensure that students are prepared to tackle academic challenges in high school and beyond.


BASIRI Tutoring offers in-home tutoring services to grade K-12 students in Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We use proven tutoring strategies to improve students' academic skills quickly. Our tutors begin at your child's current level and advance their academic skills and performance.

BASIRI Tutoring is ideal for parents looking for a highly personalized, flexible and valuable supplementary education for their children.


Our goal for the tutorials is to provide our students with the optimal K-12 education, maximizing their learning potential after high school. We believe that education is the most powerful tool to create positive changes in our society.

Whether students are enrolled in public, private or online schools, we help them gain a strong knowledge base, the ability to focus and a positive attitude towards learning. An early start in gaining these key skills and foundations ensures a successful and stress-free academic journey.

About the Director

Mehrnaz Bassiri, M.Sc, Director
Mehrnaz Bassiri, M.Sc, Director
Six years ago, Mehrnaz Bassiri made the riskiest and most rewarding decision of her professional life: she traded a career in Biotech for educational development. The critical thinking skills and resilience she honed as part of her STEM background helped with the transition, and now she’s a writer, motivational speaker, educator, progress specialist, and the founder of BASIRI Tutoring. She is the recipient of the 2014 Futurpreneur Canada’s ‘The Sky’s Your Limit Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in the Youth category. Her dedicated mentorship helps others learn the importance of perseverance, overcoming failures and learning from mistakes. Mehrnaz has a Master of Science from the University of British Columbia and has been featured at TEDxChilliwack, on Global News radio, in the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, and the DailyZen. Mehrnaz has lived, worked, and studied in Japan, Iran, England, and Canada and currently lives in British Columbia, Canada.


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